1. 1985:
    The journey started when a leadership initiative was taken by class IX students of Loreto day School Sealdah, under the guidance of Sister Cyril, who opened a drop in centre in the school for the platform and pavement children in and around Kolkata.
  2. 1994:
    The drop-in-centre was converted into a 24-hour shelter home after a 4 years old girl was brutally raped at night on the streets.
  3. 2002:
    Late Fred Van Koolwjick committed to provide financial support for the Rainbow Homes and 4 new homes were started in Kolkata.
  4. 2003:
    Loreto Rainbow Home, Bowbazar was founded and the number of children increased to 206.
  5. 2004:
    Loreto House Rainbow Home started functioning.
  6. 2006:
    Loreto Rainbow Home Dharamtala was set up. The concept of Rainbow Homes expands beyond Loreto and becomes a PAN India movement in 8 cities with 43 homes.
  7. 2007:
    Shantirani Rainbow Home at Bansdroni was recognized as a Rainbow Home.
    Loreto Rainbow Home, Elliot Road was established.
  8. 2016:
    Kolkata State Office started.